Casita Verde is open all year. Welcome! We look forward to your visit with at least three nights.

Hi, I am Elisabeth,

Elisabeth Herdtweck

I would love to have you here for your precious holidays on the island of Maio, where you could live in my little guest house with just two rooms, the garden of paradise, to relax while discovering and experiencing the scenery, people and culture of this Cape Verde Island. Myself, I have lived here for 10 years involved in the social network of open, friendly people.

Welcome and bem vendo! Most of all, I would love to show you Maio's scenic beauties. It's not a spectacular tourist attraction at first sight: when you land at the airport, what meets the eye is a seemingly barren countryside. But have a look at these wide, empty beaches! Maio's still pristine beauty lies hidden and wants to be discovered by exploring it on foot, experiencing with all your senses the turquoise sea, the bright sandy beaches, the indigenous fauna and flora, the colourful display of rocks and earth, the fertile green oases, and pleasant village roads. The local people are by nature open, friendly and hospitable. You can enjoy both music and quiet peacefulness. This is the genuine Cabo Verde.

The Casita Verde lies within the German compound of Fontana, just a quiet footpath away from the beach, and only a short walk to the centre of Vila do Maio.

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Enjoy your Maio holiday!